Best SEO Ranking For Website Visibility

What SEO rankings will give your site best visibility?

Best SEO Ranking For Website VisibilityA new Study has Shown Which Search Engine Rankings Get the Most Visibility. An EyeTracking Study conducted by a company called Eyetools verifies the importance of page position and rank in both Organic and PPC search results for visibility and click through rates. The joint study was conducted by Eyetools in conjunction with search marketing firms Enquiro.

Their findings show that most of eye tracking activity during a search happens in a triangle at the top left corner of the search results page indicating that the areas of maximum interest create a so called “golden triangle.” The tracking not only shows which organic and paid listings get the most visibility, but may also offer some insight into why is the most popular search engine out there.

You can see from the eye mapping image above that areas of red indicate that 100% of participants looked at that portion of the page, indicating the “sweet spot” for both paid and natural results. You’ll also notice that Google’s search window is right there in the sweet spot. This is one place that Yahoo and other search engines fall short is that you’re inundated with distractions in the sweet spot, while Google keeps it clean and simple.

This may be one of the reasons that Google is the most widely used search engine on the web today. In fact, by looking at the layout of Google in the image above, you can see that they get it exactly right in that the search field, all of the top Paid listings, along with the top 5 natural rankings are all within the “sweet spot” where they receive the most visibility.

Here’s the low down on how the organic and paid positions stack up

Organic Ranking Visibility (SEO Rankings)

(shown in a percentage of participants looking at a listing in this location)

Rank 1 – 100%

Rank 2 – 100%

Rank 3 – 100%

Rank 4 – 85%

Rank 5 – 60%

Rank 6 – 50%

Rank 7 – 50%

Rank 8 – 30%

Rank 9 – 30%

Rank 10 – 20%

Top of Page Paid Ranking Visibility (SEO Rankings)

(shown in a percentage of participants looking at a listing in this location)

Paid Listing 1 – 100%

Paid Listing 2 – 100%

Paid Listing 3
– 100%

Side sponsored ad visibility

(shown in percentage of participants looking at an ad in this location)

1 – 50%

2 – 40%

3 – 30%

4 – 20%

5 – 10%

6 – 10%

7 – 10%

8 – 10%

So, what are the best orgainic and paid rankings?

For paid (PPC) listings, the top 3 results (displayed at the top of the results), along with the top 2 results on the side tend to be seen the most. As for the organic, or natural results, it seems that the top 5 natural rankings are the ones that get the most visibility, dropping off considerably after this. Therefore, while a top 10 natural ranking will bring you traffic, breaking into the top 5 could bring you 3-4 times more traffic.